It depends upon the airline’s policy. Most of the major and some low-cost airlines have up to 331 days of advanced reservation window. Talk to our representative over the phone to know more.
Do not worries! Your ticket value remains secured with us. Most of the airlines are flexible regarding ticket changes or cancellation in the Covid-19 situation. Adhering to the airline’s policy, we will provide all possible support.
Either of the information will generate the same result. Our flight booking engine detects destination name as well as the airport code. For instance, for a flight to from New York, type the city name itself or use the airport code of your choice like JFK, LGA or nearby airport EWR.
The cost of ticket goes up when you buy separate tickets for “Outbound” and “Return” flights. To keep fare affordable, we have skipped the “Outbound” and “Return” flights options in our booking engine.
Economy and Business class are generally available on all routes and with all major carriers. However, selected airlines offer First Class flight. It’s a higher level than Business Class and so is the airfare.
Any flight ticketed as a single flight coupon (i.e. no change of fight number), irrespective of whether there are en route stops and/or changes of aircraft types. En route stops can be for boarding new passengers or disembarking existing passengers) or for fueling (also called as technical stopover). Direct flights help you save time and is more convenient.
An indirect flight involves one or more stopover on the route. Usually there is a change of aircraft and often a change of terminal. However, you can’t break your journey in the transit city.
The Operating Carrier may be different from the Marketing Carrier in situations where bilateral agreements exist, e.g. code share agreement. Airlines partner to extend their services to other territories.
A transit airport breaks the air travel into parts. There may be or may not change aircraft change. However, you are not permitted to leave the airport. Take note of the transit time while booking your ticket as it affects your travel time.
In most cases, change of terminals is required to book a connecting flight. Often terminals are at quite some distance from each other. So, you should set aside some additional time to walk from one to another. Check terminal map available at the airport’s website to collect information about the terminal where you have to board the next flight.
Yes. TrustFares helps you to travel comfortably with infants. For an infant under 2 years, you do not need to buy a ticket. However, it’s mandatory to make a record of the infant in the reservation. Here are things to mind:
  • the infant and traveling adults all need to have a valid passport
  • Infants must be accompanied by an adult at least 18 years old.
  • With one adult only one infant is permitted. But one adult can fly with a child and an infant.
  • In the course of travel from departure to arrival and return if you have, the infant must be below 2 years, if you want to claim the benefits.
Yes. Though infant 2-year old or younger are permitted to travel without any seat, you can book a seat at your sole discretion. Children over the age of 2, however, must have their seat. The airfare for an infant is different from the airfare charged for a child over two years of age.
In one booking or PNR, you can book tickets for up to 9 passengers. For booking tickets for 10 or more passengers, call at our call center’s helpline (800) 253-4117. It’s taken as group flight booking.
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